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Q-Pulse is used by thousands of organizations in over 90 countries to manage compliance management systems which are based on International Standards like ISO 9001.

The software is used by organizations of all sizes, in diverse industries in both the private and public sector.

Clients include organizations involved in Manufacturing and Services, including Aviation, Health care and Life Sciences.

Q-Pulse has the following modules:

Manages all aspects of documentation, across any number of management systems. Radically reduces the burden of document control by as much as 95%.

Manages the complete Audit life cycle, from scheduling to closure. Provides the capability of managing internal/external audits across any number of management systems.

Corrective/Preventive Action
Manages the progression of non-conformances, from raising of NC’s to close out. Monitors status continuously and sends automatic alerts and escalations.

Manages all aspects of equipment compliance and monitoring e.g. Calibration, Safety Inspections, Licensing, Maintenance, Risk Assessments, etc.

Manages customer/stakeholder complaints and compliments. Captures customer complaints and ensures appropriate corrective action is taken.

Manages the supplier approval process. Maintains the approved supplier list and supplier performance records including complaints.

Manages all aspects of training and competence as required by various international standards. Provides a complete training history for all employees and manages the training plan.

Provides powerful analysis and reporting tools to support data analysis and continuous improvement.

Provides the ability to report the status of all actions across the management system e.g outstanding document acknowledgement.

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