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Compliance Management Systems such as ISO 9001:2008 require effective implementation of key requirements such as such as, Document Control, Internal Audit, Non Conformance Management, Training and Calibration.

These areas typically require a very high level of attention to detail and can give rise to massive bureaucracy and paperwork.

This is typically a major challenge for certified firms and the difficulties encountered are a main source of non conformances.

We have an excellent software tool which automates the management systems, making it much easier to manage, more effective, less costly and much more value adding.

This product is a market leading UK based software called Q-Pulse. It is currently used in over 90 countries in diverse industries in the private and public sector.

Clients include organizations involved in Manufacturing and Services, including Aviation, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Intex is the sole partner in East & Central Africa, where we have 10 years experience in management system automation, with specific competencies acquired in IT project management.

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